Concrete cube testing usage

Concrete cube testing usage merit

Concrete cube testing usage how to do train here showed. We are exporting cube moulds concrete testing equipment since year 2005.
We manufacture concrete test cylinders.
We produce 100 mm cube mould here in Istanbul, Turkey.
We have quality concrete testing equipment moulds.
We ship concrete test cylinder to Japan, Rwanda and all over the world.
We have stock of 150 mm concrete test cube mould also.
Concrete Cube Moulds.

Concrete cylinder moulds.
Concrete Cube Mould.
Civil engineering materials testing equipment cube mould.
Concrete cylinder mould.
Civil engineering materials testing equipments.
Civil engineering materials testing equipment.
150MMX300MM CYLINDER. Here our FB to share each others.

Concrete cube testing usage.

Concrete cube testing usage. The new era polyurethane concrete testing equipment available. Cube moulds concrete testing equipment from Merit Plant stocks. Concrete test cylinders available also. 100 mm cube mould the preferred for some markets. Concrete testing equipment moulds the best quality. Light weight. Easy to use. 170-200 time usage per cube. Net and precise concrete test result maker. PU material to provide concrete’s fully drying. You are making laboratory job without zero error or mistake.

Rugged one-piece molded plastic moulds, concrete test moulds, for consistent concrete cube specimens. Specimens are removed by injecting compressed air into the base.

Cube Testing.

In the mean time the cubes are generally tested at 7 & 28 days unless specific early tests are required, for example to remove a concrete shutter safely prior to 7 days. Usually 1 cube will be tested at 7 days and 2 cubes at 28 days, however this may vary depending of the requirements, check the design first. The cubes are removed from the curing tank, dried and grit removed. The cubes are tested using a calibrated compression machine. This can be carried out internally by competent personnel or by a certified test house.

In addition the cubes are tested on the face perpendicular to the casting face. The compression machine exerts a constant progressing force on the cubes till they fail, the rate of loading is 0.6 ± 0.2 M/Pas (N/mm²/s).  The reading at failure is the maximum compressive strength of the concrete. BS EN 12390-2: 2009 / BS EN 12390-3:2009.

Finally the concrete minimum compressive strength will be specified by the client/designer in a specific format. An example of this is given below:


Concrete cube testing usage merit