Truck mixer drum spiral

Truck mixer drum spiral lt

Truck mixer drum spiral available for Liebherr, Tigarbo, Intermix, Karrena, Baryval, Cifa, LT, Stetter, Coime and all makes and models.

Transit mixers gas and truck mixer drum spiral rotation control boxes and mechanical cable manufacturing. It is packaging by our own brand name and our own license to export worldwide.

Truck mixer drum spiral lt

This is also named or called as push pull control cables. Push and pull truck control cable for ready mix concrete machines and plants applicable. Push pull truck cable for ready mix concrete truck on sale at our store. Concrete mixer truck control lever and control cable for all applications in the field of ready mix concrete plantations.

Please also feel free to visit our blog of for truck mixer drum spiral. You can see there the detailed technical charts and photos. We are day by day growing our blog to share all industrial information and experimental notes.


Please send us your request for price and availability by using of following contact form. We are able to ship all over the world by sea, air and truck. Thailand, Russia, Germany, USA, Australia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. All other destinations available for safe and quick shipping.


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