Push pull cables & controls concrete truck

Push pull cables controls concrete truck, Push pull cables & controls concrete truck. We can supply you push pull cables & controls concrete truck. We can ship to Melbourne, Australia. We can accept PayPal also.

Push pull cables controls concrete truck LT

Push pull cables LT,Push pull cables controls concrete truck.

Push pull cables Stetter,Push pull cables controls concrete truck.


Push Pull Control Cables are the heart of FRK Controls – used to transfer motion. Push pull cables provide an efficient and economical solution to a wide range of control problems associated with increasingly severe legislation against noise and the need to improve driver comfort, while offering better machine accessibility for maintenance.

Throttle control cables can be manufactured in house at FRK Controls, IST for your specific application. FRK Controls can supply any type of throttle control cable ranging from light duty applications to heavy applications. We are able to supply throttle cables for, Go Karts, Trucks, Buses, Agricultural Machinery, Construction Vehicles, Handling Equipment and any vehicle/machine that requires a mechanical throttle cable. As we are approved by oem we can manufacture to your length requirement, this can be achieved by sending a sample to us or a technical drawing.

We can also supply throttle controls to suit the control cables we manufacture. A number of throttle controls are available from hand throttles to mechanical foot pedals. Once again a range from light duty to heavy duty are available.

FRK Controls can manufacture any length you require in metres or feet.  We can also supply the Concrete Mixer Controls to suit these Mixer Cables.

FRK Controls can supply this Mixer Control Box in any volume you require.  Suitable for all Mixers.

FRK’s light and medium duty push-pull cable and pull-pull cable controls offer the user the flexibility of remote actuation in either a push or pull operating mode. Our extensive selection of cable, fittings, conduit and shuttle molded assembly techniques are being used to meet the needs of many unique and demanding remote control actuation uses.