Cabluri comanda autobetoniera

Cabluri comanda autobetoniera MERIT.

Cabluri comanda autobetoniera,Sunt disponibile cabluri pentru comanda de rotatie si accelerare a autobetonierelor de diverse lungimi. Putem furniza si cutiile de comanda cu 1 sau 2 manere.

Cabluri comanda autobetoniera Lungimi diferite pentru orice tip de betoniera.

Cabluri comanda autobetoniera Merit
Transmixer Double Rack lever for Liebherr Concrete Mixer Model: HTM 704 S
Cabluri comanda autobetoniera FRK

Cabluri comanda autobetoniera TR

We manufacture and deal in spare parts for all reputed brands of concrete mixer producers like SCHWING STETTER, GREAVES , CIFA, REVATHY- INTERMIX, LIEBHERR, COIME, BARYVAL etc.

  1. Hydraulic pump , motor, oil cooler, filter and thermo stat.
  2. Transit mixer gear box and parts.
  3. Remote control box and cable
  4. P.A Flange and centraflex coupling
  5. Manhole door gasket
  6. Water hose and spray nozzle.
  7. Fabricated parts like collecting hopper , discharge chute , extension chute, chute handle, drum, inner spline
  8. Carrying roller and bearing
  9. Switch box and parts
  10. Water Pump & its parts